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Open Exchange Use Third Party Charting Libraries Today In Your Analytics Dashboard!

Now available on Open Exchange is a library of third party charts available to use within DeepSee/InterSystems IRIS BI dashboards. To start, simply download and install, select the new portlet as the widget type, then select the chart type that you desire. If you don't find the type of chart you are looking for, you can easily extend the portlet to implement your desired chart type. These new chart types can be used within existing dashboards or you can create new dashboards using them.

Image description

After installing, the portlet can be selected and configured as follows:

1) Add a new widget to your dashboard

Image description

2) Select Portlets, then Highcharts, then assign your data source

Image description

3) The widget will default to a line chart

Image description

4) Navigate to the Widget Settings to change the Chart Type if desired

Image description

5) Select the desired chart type (I will choose "Bar" for this example)

Image description

6) Data is now rendered using the new chart type

Image description

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