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Easy data import into IRIS

Sometimes you need quickly and easily import data into IRIS. For this, an IRIS import manager has been developed.

This application allows you to import JSON data and also provides a really simple interface for transferring data from MongoDB collections to IRIS globals. It has never been so easy.

Let's look at examples.

Import JSON

Suppose we have data in JSON format and we want to import it into IRIS. To do this, you just need to specify the global name and insert the data. After import, you will see the imported data. If global exists data will be overwritten.

Alt Text

Import MongoDB collections

There is a collection navigation on the main page.

Alt Text

Just open the collection and you will see information about it and import control buttons that allow you to transfer data to IRIS or clear it.

After import, you will also see the imported data.

Alt Text

What other imports would you like to have in this application? Any ideas are very welcome.

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