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Discussion on: What degree will be the most useful for Frontend developer who goes to college?

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Rob Kirkner

Consider a degree in design or communications with a focus on digital media.

That's the path I took, and I stand out from other front end developers because of my ability to see eye to eye with designers, solve visual problems, and think aesthetically. Both visual and technical problem solving skills always come in handy as a front end developer.

Pretty much all computer science, communications, and design programs teach the basics of web development.

If professors knew modern web development at a professional level, they would not be professors.

Just keep in mind that your degree is going to be a somewhat useless piece of paper that gives you a little bit of status. 90% of the knowledge you will come to have will be self-taught from your personal projects, Stack Overflow, podcasts, and great tutorial platforms out there like LinkedIn learning.

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Maksim Gorodov Author

Well, as I said, I've been working for 3 years already as a freelance frontend developer and I'm okay with self-education. I like the idea of taking a design program, thank you. I've always been interested in design and to be honest, 20% of my job is finishing something instead of the designer.