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Let's build an app for Flipper Zero

The Flipper Zero is a digital signals multi-tool device, with some fun applications. It has an infrared module, a sub-GHz radio, RFID and NFC capability, iButton, USB, a screen, input controls, and GPIO pins. It's small enough to fit in your hand, and it can communicate with your home appliances, or help you to learn about the signals that fly around our world. It's also extremely customisable.

I recently published my first app for the Flipper on - it helps you to calculate the value of a resistor based on the coloured bands printed on it:

A Flipper Zero device running the Resistance Calculator app - showing a pixel-art resistor, it has calculated the resistance and tolerance based on the user's choice of coloured bands

Off the back of that experience, I've written a short tutorial for first-time app developers. I'll definitely add more to it, but for now there are two parts:

The first part is mainly about setting up your environment, but I also go into a bit of detail about working in C. I come from a higher level / managed code background (largely Java and C#), and I had to re-learn a lot about writing C to make progress.

There are plenty of amazing resources out there for devs now, and I hope by sharing back what I've learned I can help others. It's great to see so many folks in the community doing the same, and my content is inspired by and dependent on the work of:

I've had some great conversations with folks on the Flipper Devices Discord, too - and I've found it to be a supportive community.

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