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Hack Hate presentations, prizes, and a magical performance!

Hello from Hack Hate 2020!

I wrote before about why we're running Hack Hate - a hackathon against hate crime. I'm really glad I did because people here at who saw it joined 150 other ticket holders in early October, for our opening talks!

Hate crime is vile, and our participants had a chance to hear from some incredible people working with communities that are targeted for hate. They learned about the problem, and built some fascinating solutions.

4 weeks later, and 48 people across 11 teams will be presenting their projects this Sunday...

Now it's time to see what our incredible participants have created!

On Nov 8, from 11:00 GMT, those teams will present their awesome new innovations in the fight against hate. I really hope you'll check it out - they deserve as much exposure as possible!

13 projects, each focussing on an aspect of hate crime, are arranged in a graph - with arrows indicating which projects could provide data to others, creating a network of projects supporting each other.

Join us to support the teams, see what they have created, and enjoy a magical performance from magician Darren Delaney!

Tickets are free from:

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