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I created a "Search Everything" add-on for the 3d software, Houdini. [Python/Qt]

Being that most folks here are developers, what the add-on is for may not be of much interest as it is a "Search Everything" add-on for the 3d software Houdini, but the add-on itself might be neat to see some pics and such of.

It's written in Python2.7 (as that is what Houdini currently uses) and Qt.Py/PySide2(Qt interface).

It uses Full-Text Search 5(FTS5) to provide fuzzy/abbreviated search capability to be able to find and execute most all actions/commands as well as UI menus and items directly from the search window.

I created custom tooltips that show up in a dedicated info bar and created some debug metrics.

I was then compelled to animate the settings menu. I have a typical info window, then the bug report menu, depending on what is selected from the drop down, sends you to the github issues page and utilizes the appropriate issue template. Lastly is a small theming menu to change some of the colors around.

Then lastly, for anyone interested in the actual Houdini part of its functionality, short video of it in action.

As well as one of it's other main features, being able to mouse-over windows/panes and view all available actions/commands for that particular window.

All in all, I am quite pleased with how it came out.

*Thanks to this post for the nice ffmpeg command/settings, which were used to make the gifs in this post.

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