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Support for multiple URLs in Webhook Notification Channel

Hi, I'm Valerio CTO at Inspector.

As integration becomes increasingly central to the way that our customers automate their internal process, we have recently released a new feature for our Webhook Notification Channel.


Before this product upgrade you could configure the URL of the external system to which you wanted to send the notifications.

Standard webhook

The URL will receive notification in form of an http POST request with a specific headers and body based on the type of event detected.

What you can do now

Now you can assign multiple URLs to the same Webhook Channel, as shown in the image below:

Inspector webhook

Inspector will send the same http POST request to all external URLs attached to the channel.

Try it now

We hope you enjoy using Webhook Channel and save some precious time that you can spend on debugging or writing new code. You can check out our docs to learn more about our Notification Channel.

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