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Inspector live on Product Hunt

ilvalerione profile image Valerio Updated on ・2 min read

Hi, I'm Valerio, software engineer based in Italy and creator of Inspector, a developers tool published now on Product Hunt:

As product owner I learned on my skin how an application issue isn't just a technical stuff. For software-driven companies it could create a negative impact on the users experience during on-boarding process or affect engagement.

I publish new code changes almost every day and unfortunately it's quite impossible to anticipate all the problems that could happen after every release. Furthermore users don't spend their time to report bugs, they eventually stop using our application, looking for another one that fits their needs better.

In most of the projects I've worked on the 50% of the drawbacks for users were caused by simple code mistakes, often in the code executed in background where it’s even more tricky to know if all is working fine or something is broken, and the more the application grows the more difficult it is to avoid incidents.

Thanks to Inspector I no longer need to spend a lot of time to search errors inside logs manually, trying to anticipate users complaints, because an autonomous tool is doing this job for me, bubbling up anything that could create a problem for users.

I can trust Inspector to debug my applications for me, 24/7, and alert me to any issue or performance degradation in real-time so I can address them immediately. In the meantime I can spend my time in more productive tasks instead of being worried that a user comes to me because the application doesn't work as expected.

I built inspector with one concept in mind: "Easy and clear". In its first months of life I received a lot of positive feedback from my users (also paying users) and now I would share this solution with a more larger audience.

Inspector ships as composer package that you can install in your app in seconds like any other dependency.

The product journey is publicly available on IndieHackers:

There's a free forever plan with limited capability to give you the best opportunity to try it without deadline chasing you, if you want adopt Inspector as your application monitoring system I created a special promotional code that cuts the cost of a subscription by 20% for lifetime:

yrERJDHD => It expires Friday 24 July

Thank you for your interest, I hope in your feedback.

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