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How I started Docker

innoraft12 profile image innoraft12 ・1 min read

This is a story basically about my first encounter with Docker. How I started playing with docker with just one motivation and how I fell in love with the technology soon after.

So, I was coming back from office as usual. I had heard a lot about Docker in the past, but never had the motivation to get started assuming it would be complex and therefore, need a lot of time. Then on the night, one of my colleagues (also our co-founder) tweeted that “we are starting to experiment with Docker and that one of my another colleague will lead it". I was very happy, finally this could lead to my first encounter with Docker. I reached home at around 7 PM and I thought “wait, why not start today itself". At around 8pm, I started browsing blogs, going through their official documentation, etc. Very soon (like it happens with love at first sight) I was falling in love with Docker. From there on, I knew that tonight it has to be only the 2 of us.

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