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Why we chose Docker

Below are some of the reasons why Docker is the right choice for you:

1.Whenever we deploy on our dev servers, most of the time we used to scream, “What just happened? It was working perfectly fine on my local. Why isn't it working on Dev?”.

2.Our local environment and our dev, stage environments usually have different configurations in terms of server, for e.g., if I am using a machine, which is 3 years old, so there is a good chance that I have some old version of PHP, apache2 etc. More often than not we end up in a situation of different versions of different services in different environments which is not healthy for deployments.

3.Difficulty in the deployment of server related changes.

4.We were failing in updating the projects i.e. my local has 4 different projects and all support say php 5.3.3 version, now client asked us to update the php version of two of the projects. It was very very difficult to maintain different versions of the same service on same machine i.e. on local.

5.We were not able to experiments with different services of the same type.

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