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Content migration in Drupal from XML Source

innoraft12 profile image innoraft12 ・1 min read

One of our recent posts talks about migration API in Drupal 8, the basics of migration and migrating data for various field types from a CSV source. Some frameworks and CMS such as Wordpress, etc allow the data to be exported in XML format (or JSON format if certain extensions are available). And more often than not, we find another agency providing us with the XML data of the site which needs to be migrated to Drupal. In this post, we see how content can be migrated to Drupal from an XML source.

Note: It is not a pre-requisite but basic knowledge of XPath selectors can be very helpful.

The major requirements/dependencies that need to be fulfilled are as follows:

Custom module - It contains scripts that will be imported when the module is installed and must have these dependencies: Migrate, Migrate Plus, Migrate Tools.
The main objective for creating a custom module is that when content is successfully migrated and requires no further updates, removing the custom module will remove the migration scripts that were imported without affecting any other workflow on the site.
Source XML file - This file can be external (must be accessible over HTTP) or locally stored (in private file directory).

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