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Ingo Steinke
Ingo Steinke

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Will the promise resolve? 🌎

Thank goodness it's Friday! and not just any other Friday...
Just a short post to state that it is possible to work AND campaign on the same day, but it is impossible to save humanity without changing anything.

I support sustainable development, environmentalism, and Developers For Future, which is why I made this nerdy T-shirt that I will wear at the Fridays for Future protests today.

This is the pseudo code written on my shirt:

climateAction = async election =>
    await Promise.resolve(election)
    || strike

Will the promise resolve?

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Ingo Steinke sitting at his desk in front of a keyboard wearing a t-shirt with pseudo-code: climateAction = async election => await Promise.resolve(election) || strike() Will the promise resolve? #devsForFuture #developers4future climateStrike

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inhuofficial profile image

Nice to see you back on here, been ages! Hope you are well!

Love the T!