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Creating gradient images using only Python NumPy

Here’s the backstory of this article:

I was working on a Computer Vision Project as a part of an internship and I needed a script which can generate custom B/W gradient images. By custom gradient, I mean images like this:

Cross Gradient

Linear Gradient

Parabolic Gradient

Along with the above structures, I also wanted to vary the spread of the gradient and combine different such structures to get the following samples:

Combination of Cross and Parabolic Gradient

Combination of Linear and Parabolic Gradient

Combination of Two Parabolic Gradients

I tried to search online but couldn’t find the solution which I really wanted. To help others like me, I decided to write this article. I use NumPy arrays with loops to generate such gradient images.


Gradients are essentially uneven arrays of numbers. So first, we have to write a function for uneven array creation. Refer this for explanation:

We can use this function for creating different types of gradients as follows:

Finally, we can write a function which returns a gradient of one of the above types with random parameters:

Finally, when we run the custom_gradient() function, it will return one of the gradient image type. Complete code is available in this notebook.

Thanks for reading :)

Have a nice day!

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