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Share your salary and see what everyone else is making in InfoSec / the Cyber Security space

We were wondering quite recently what the global salary landscape in the InfoSec world would look like. Searching around for some data provided few results and basically all of them didn’t provide a full dataset for us to play around with and use freely.

So we decided to set up our own survey, ask the global InfoSec scene what they’re making anually, and then release all the data for free afterwards in the public domain under CC0 license terms. Which literally means global salary data from the public, for the public.

We went on quickly by defining some generalized attributes that would make a really simplistic survey everyone can fill it out in under a minute and don’t have to think too hard while doing it, but would still provide as much valuable information as possible so you can derive real insights from it. All of this in an anonymized fashion, of course. We don’t like touching PII anyways – not really our business 😉.

It took almost two weeks of deliberations about what to ask for – yeah it gets quite difficult when you start thinking about what makes sense and trying not to mess it up completely – and in roughly a weekend our little salaries app (Django + SQLite are your friends, yay) was built and ready to launch.

🎉 Released a few days ago you can check (and fill) it out here:

As soon as we have a little valid dataset and solved some open issues along the way (noticed we provide a selection of the 30 most used currencies in global trade? Probably some averaged conversion into USD for all non-USD salaries would be nice having added to the data as well 🤔) we’ll release a first dump of the data here.

In the end we think it would be great if we can manage to create a sort of rolling survey throughout the year with a constantly updated dataset that everyone can use as they wish – candidates, recruiters, hr departments, startup founders, data scientists, you name it…

We made everything a select/choice field to avoid free-form input in general, except for the salary value of course. The job titles are the ones that are popular on our InfoSec job board, just to stay real and not list decades old jobs that practially don’t mean anything and aren’t even hired for anymore. We provide an open API for this too (see

If you like the idea and want to help us to gather a free and open database of InfoSec / Cyber Security salary information, feel free to share this survey with anyone who likes to fill out salary surveys – just kidding – the more data the better obviously 😉

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