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Recent upgrades to our job site

We’d like to give a little overview of a few recent changes we introduced to make the hiring and job seeking experience on our cyber security hiring platform more pleasant and efficient. We aim to bring together as many qualified candidates with great companies as possible, all while keeping things simple and without getting in the way too much. We hope with the following added and revised features we’re getting a bit closer to that goal:

Perks display in the job list view

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Not so long ago we started parsing job descriptions for the perks and benefits mentioned in them. This we think can be useful to give a preview into what to expect in terms of benefits that come along with the new role. We added the perks and benefits display to the job list view and it’s active by default. You can hide it via the settings below if you don’t need this info right away.

‘Quick apply’ and ‘Apply later’ buttons in the job list view

This comes in handy if you’re already hooked by a job ad from the information in the list view or have seen the description before and came back to apply for it. Here you can click through to the employers ATS/job application page or email address (opens in your email client) to start your application for the role.

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One of our goals is also to not intercept the hiring flow and to route applicants to their potential new employers directly. No signup or other kind of obstacles here from our side (compared to many other platforms nowadays).

Salary display in job list view

Now the most interesting part for many, probably. We’re working hard on getting salaries included in most if not all job listings. Quite difficult as many employers still didn’t get the memo that it’s already illegal not to do so in some states and countries as well as it’s actually reducing their talent pool more and more by not being transparent.

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So where there’s salary info available for a position we display it in the list view by default. This can also be modified with the settings below. We’re planning on showing a salary range as guidance for listings that don’t have it, but where we know what it should be like thanks to our side project over at (please take the survey if you haven’t done so yet!).

Revised list display settings

Last but not least, and part of it has already been there for a longer period of time, you can now better influence how job ads appear in the search list. So if you don’t like all the extra info like tags, perks, quick buttons etc. – you can strip it all down and get a compact list with just the essentials for each list item.

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Check out the cogs button on the right hand side besides the region filter where you can enable or disable the display of infos or features like the job tags, perks or the direct apply and job marks buttons.

More to come

That’s it for now. But there’s more to come soon as we’re working hard on a bunch of interesting stuff right now, some of it almost finished and ready to be released. So stay tuned!

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