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Country search and short URLs for jobs

Here comes another quick update on some recent changes to our job site. We’re trying to move forward much faster these days and still have tons of features and especially improvememts in the pipeline. Enjoy!

Search by country

Some are looking for Cybersecurity-related jobs in another region or country, others are tied to where they’re are at the moment or the near future. Either way, to make the situation a bit easier for both we implemented a way to go a little more local with the job search. Now it is possible to select a country to search in, and display or filter all listings in the particular country exclusively.

You can find a complete overview of all countries with jobs available via

Search with selected country as filter

This feature also translates directly into the settings for job emails. So you can subscribe to job alerts than only get triggered when your criteria where hit for a certain country.

We hope this helps narrow down some job searches a bit and get more precise results quicker.

Short urls for better sharing

We finally introduced a shorter URL version for job ads. The standard URLs generated from the job title can become quite large quickly. Because of this there’s now a way to get a short URL which contains just the ID of the ad, which is enough to get to the same job offer.

This is very practical when sharing the link of an ad or posting it on social media – it frees up quite a lot of characters compared to the full length version.

Short links are nice 🙂

Check out the ‘Copy & share’ button in the bottom of every job ad. When you push that button a short link to the job listing shown is beeing copied to your local clipboard ready to share it wherever you like.

Push the button, get a short link, share it everywhere!

That’s already it for this time. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon again 😉

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