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I've enjoyed learning to publish w jamstack/ghpages/Jekyll

It's not a direct route, but a ton of foundational principles, and can spin up a live working site in minutes, learn complexity as you itch for some feature...


And I collect tons of related resources (organized by topic) in this chat server, as a staging area till I can build out pages/lists for each topic re web-work... it's a collab curation thing


Wish you the best, hope my response isn't too out there for you but I'm so stoked on jamstack, in and of itself, and as a gateway to all kinda dev skills!! :)


Thank you i've never heard of them so its definitely great you shared! I will check them all out


since it sounds like you're new to jamstack, I'll share with you two links that I found illuminating, as I was using the technology without realizing a buzzword and culture was growing around the workflow of building simple sites with fewer moving parts, and adding any dynamic functionality with microservices.

High Level Overview \ Resources - jamstack.org/

Background Knowledge \ History - netlify.com/blog/2019/01/17/the-im...

Much obliged! Thank you

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