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Discussion on: How do you get the most out of tutorials, courses, and other coding resources?

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⧉ infominer

Good question! One that to me is a full time concern.

When learning a new subject, i always start by collecting links.

Once i have a nice collection thats hard to sort through, then i put that link collection in a new github repository, like the beginning of an awesome list.

Then i turn those lists into pages that i continually reference and update.

A good matured example of this is my work around learning github pages, with a ton of related info, that is continually growing to become more pages:

So the more i learn the easier it is for me to remember and/or share with others.

As you said, there are always details that need to be brought to attn, and i can copy sections over w the link as necessary.

Its an easy, fairly passive, form of content creation that is just part of my workflow now.

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Jon Calhoun Author

This is a nice way of making notes that are easy to reference in the future. Thanks for sharing!