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Ineza Bonté Grévy
Ineza Bonté Grévy

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Rebuilding My Blog: From Next.js to Astro

For quite some time the thought of whether my site may be a bit too over-engineered lingered my mind. For a website that just displays blogs I definitely had a ton of javascript

I've recently undertaken the task of rebuilding my site, transitioning from Next.js to Astro, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. One of the most noticeable improvements is the significant reduction in JavaScript bloat. My pages are now much lighter and faster.

With Next.js, I found myself incorporating more JavaScript than necessary, especially for a simple blog like mine. Switching to Astro allowed me to strip away the unnecessary JavaScript.

This transition also reinforces a growing consensus: JavaScript has become one of the heaviest assets on the web today. By minimizing its usage, we can create faster, more efficient websites.

To better illustrate the improvements, here are some screenshots of my site before and after the switch:

  • Before (Next.js):
    A before image showing networks logs with nextjs

  • After (Astro):

An after image showing network logs after moving to astro

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