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Alex Leonhardt
Alex Leonhardt

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go apps + jaeger tracing

So I've been playing with Jaeger tracing over the last two days a little, to distract me from usual work and thought I'll share what I've put together.

This isn't a tutorial or such, as I still don't know enough about how opentracing / jaegertracing works, so enjoy the code on github, happy to try and help if anyone's got a question (and if I can provide an answer).


The final code works "well", with traces spanning more than one app, with errors, comparing traces, etc.

Github: go-trace-example

Here some screenshots..





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kooolk • Edited

@ineedale - Thanks for the sample. I'm still not sure how / where you have defined the jaeger instance / collector to send traces. Could you please help me here ?

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Alex Leonhardt

Do you mean where jaeger itself is running and listening for trace spans?