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Can "Microsoft loop" replace notion??

Google launched a platform in 2009 but to it's bad fate or may be some official decisions they permanently shut down the same project in very next year 2010,

this was the Google's project "Google wave", which was to make the messages or the details chronology "change", with some drag and drop in layman's language, but as it's future was doomed as per the that times, in 2010 itself, it was shut down.

But in 2019, after microsoft announced its fluid framework,

the basis motivation was to introduce smooth business documents management by anyone in team, just like developer manage the documents

So after making this fluid framework open source last year, microsoft started building it into some office applications, and the application which they have named as Microsoft loop, in their ignite conference.

Loop takes the fluid framework for flexible components placement, which makes the editing based applications, real time applications and creates new experience for better collaboration on documents of the users. The same was also the promise of Google wave in 2010, but then it was thought as the project ahead of its times.

The great news is, this loop application will be part of Teams. As microsoft offially says "loop combines a powerful and flexible canvas with the portable components that move remotely and stay in sync across apps - enabling teams to think, plan and create together"

The loop is bulit with three elements, of which first is loop compeonts, which has lists, tables, notes, tasks (all of which are the most important parts of productivity) then on the second number there are loop page, which has flexible canvases, to organise the components and to pull the other components like file, link, data for teams better connect and collaborations. And the third is loop workspaces, which consists of shared spaces, in which you can check out, on what issues every one is working on a perticular day and time and then track the progress towards that shared goals.

The best development in Microsoft loop overcoming Google waves limitation is real time cursor positioning.

Let's hope, some more exciting features will knock the doors soon, as the dream metaverse is coming soon for the world.

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