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Mobile Website vs. Mobile Application – Which is Best?

It has been observed that about half of the web traffic worldwide comes from the mobile devices.Many organizations are transforming themselves towards being digital to accelerate the growth of their business.But the question that arises almost in everyone’s mind is “What is better? mobile app or website”, to serve the people across the globe with highly effective solutions.”

At first Mobile websites and Apps can look similar,However they are two different mobile platforms.To decide which one would be better for your organization depends on various factors like target audience,budget and the functionalities.

To make it simple and easy for you to determine which medium will be the best fit for your organization to grow,We have made a list of the pros and cons of both the Mobile website and application.

Which is better?

In order to decide which will be the best suitable for you,the answer lies within your business objectives.Both the mediums have their own roles and importance. In general,if you want to develop mobile-friendly content that should be available to the people across the world then a mobile website will be the best option for you to start with.But If you want to develop any game or any specific content related platform that may not be accomplished via the browser,then you have to go with the App.

But still to make you come out of this dilemma, Have a look at the pros and cons of both the mobile Website and app listed by the app developers.

Mobile Website:

Mobile website is simply a responsive website that accommodate different screen sizes.Basically responsive website is a customized version of a regular website that is used correctly for mobile.Website mainly contains HTML pages that are linked together and accessed over the internet.They can provide access to various mobile app specific features.

Pros of Mobile Website:

1) Compatibility
Unlike mobile apps which are only compatible on specific platforms,a responsive website can be accessed from any mobile device irrespective of any platform in the presence of the internet.These responsive websites do not require any download or installation process.The responsive websites have greater reach capability in terms of search engine.

2) Upgradable:
A mobile website is highly dynamic in terms of versatility to update its contents.It is very straight-forward to make changes in the contents of the website and whatever changes you will make will be reflected immediately.

3) Cost-effective:
Cost is an important factor that will be more of a benefit for business and developing a website won’t cost too much.On the basis of the complexity a mobile website will be the best choice because it’s costing will be nominal in such a way that you can afford it easily.

4) Sharable:
URLs of the mobile websites can easily be shared with the other users through a link.Other users can simply use the shared link reach to the website.

Cons of Mobile websites:

1) Convenience:
A mobile website will not leverage all mobile app features efficiently in it.Mobile websites do not have full access to all the contents on desktop.through mobile website adjust to the screen size dynamically but still is not convenient for the users to access the contents on a mobile device.

2) Offline Access:
Mobile websites require a good internet connection to access them properly.Despite being developing the mobile website with the lightest way possible,It may work offline with only certain features using cached pages.the proper functioning of the websites will not be visible in the offline mode.

3) User Experience:
The single-window restriction is one of the drawbacks of the websites which means that user have to leave the current page to access the other page they are looking for in the website.It is very difficult to adjust all the contents into a single page.

Mobile App:

A mobile app is basically developed for a specific platform like android and iOS which needs to be downloaded and installed on your device.Mobile app offers a faster,smoother and more responsive experience as compared to the website.

Pros of Mobile App:

1) Customization:
Mobile App allow the user’s to set their own preferences as soon as they download the application.Mobile apps can track the user’s activities and use it to offer custom recommendation and updates as per their likings and interest to make the app more useful for them.customization allow user to get most out other app.

2) Ability to work offline:
Mobile applications have the ability to run without internet connection.Although many apps require internet connectivity to perform most of their work,still they can offer various contents and functionalities to users in offline mode.

3) Intuitive Interface:
Mobile apps normally offer an intuitive user interface that makes it easy and simple for users to access the application.This kind of interface present in the apps makes users to get more connected with these mobile apps.Mobile applications guarantee the standard functionality that every user expects from an application.

4) Leverage Device Capabilities:
Mobile apps can access and use built-in device features like camera,GPS and location.Leveraging device capabilities leads to an enhanced and commodious user interface.

Cons of Mobile Apps:

1) Compatibility:
In order to corroborate the proper functioning ,mobile apps should meet the requirements of a particular operating system. It means there should be a separate version of the app for each operating system.Cross Platforms apps can be developed to provide a solution to this but they do not provide high level support for every functionality.

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Developing a mobile application for your business will surely take you the heights of success by connecting the users across the globe.

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