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Incognito for Slack
Incognito for Slack

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Send your leadership an anonymous message in Slack 👀

I built a Slack app earlier this year so my coworkers and I could ask anonymous questions to our CEO during our town halls. It worked so well that I launched it to the public and have gained some awesome early traction.

Slack has labeled my app New & Noteworthy and a Brilliant bot!

Incognito for Slack

The headline of the app is:

Give your team a safe space
Anonymous messages & polls for things like

  • town hall questions
  • ideation sessions
  • leadership feedback

The goal is to help:
🗣️ Encourage open and honest feedback
💪 Empower your team by valuing their input
🔦 Spotlight common issues quickly
😶 Enable the voices of passive employees
⚖️ Level the playing field for all team members
💰 Reward the most helpful users anonymously

There is a free tier and a paid tier that you can try for 2 weeks for free without a credit card.

I'm very open to your questions and feedback as I'm still in the early days of iteration and growth! Thanks!

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