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What Is The Difference Between Frontend Development And UI Development?


There is a common misconception about UI developers and Front-End developers that they have identical job responsibilities.

In this blog, I’ve tried to draw the line between them. These two roles are critical but different.

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Let us understand the difference between frontend development and UI development.

The term “user interface” refers to all the elements such as (keyboard, mouse, extra controllers, etc.) that a user uses to interact with the website or app using a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

User interface development, be it apps, websites, games, or even simulators (in fact, especially the simulators), is a complex process that handles elements of design, engineering, and psychology.

A primary objective of a UI developer is to design a user-friendly interface.
Front-End development | Definition

The front-end development aims to deliver a complete product as per certain specifications.

Front-end development is the development of the web or app interface. The Front-End developers are responsible for the interface development and operations, as opposed to the visual interface designed by the UI developer.

Front-end development is responsible for the interface development, opposite to the visual interface designed by the UI developer.

If we were to compare this to printed media, the front-end developer would handle the page proofreading while the UI developer would design the overall layout.

The Front-End developer needs to utilise a lot more programming skills than the UI designer. They have to understand the HTTP protocol, the principles of work of servers and browsers, and the peculiarities of displaying the web on various devices that are currently on the market.

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In conclusion, frontend development and UI improvement are vital elements of net development, every with its personal set of duties, skills, and significance. While frontend improvement includes both building the interface and enforcing functionality, UI improvement is in most cases involved with designing visually appealing and consumer-pleasant interfaces.

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