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Hey, guys! I want to get a group of developers together and form an "OpenSource" team. I have a few GitHub projects I want to refactor and improve. Also, this is not exclusive to only my projects. I would like to work on others projects as well. If anyone is interested drop your GitHub and project name in the comments or contact me directly.

Also, I would like any suggestions on how to contribute to and find good OpenSource projects and joining a group of coders involved in the community. Thanks!

Check out my GitHub here:

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@jess wrote a great article on finding open source projects to work on:

Also, our tag #opensource has a lot of great articles there!


I'm not sure it makes sense to form an "open source" team this way. Usually, communities are formed around specific projects. You'll have more success if you promote individual projects on and other places, possibly emphasizing that you'd love to accept contributions.


Oh ok thanks for the tip. So next time I should post my project and ask for help?


Hey Darrel, are certain areas you would like to collaborate, like which kind of app you are interested in ?


A JavaScript based app and sorry for the delay.

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