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re: Hey Darrell, I am happy that you are asking for advice. Some thoughts: after reading your site for 2min I don't know anything about you. I thin...

Great advice, I did land a tour of a company when I accidently contacted the CEO. That is very valuable I need to get back to that. Also, you and others here are basically recommending a more direct website and I couldn't agree more. You all have definitely put that into perspective for me.


I think one of the most useful advices is "be productive, not busy".
So do the things that really count.

And making contact to the real decision makers is on of these things.
Show them how you can help their businesses.
And that's about being a person that is solving problems in all kind of ways, not only coding.

I took deep consideration of your advice on my website. I also took a look at your site as well and redesigned and developed my new site. Take a look when you can. Thanks for all the inspiration and advice!


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