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Where do you hire from?

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A post to maybe relieve a little frustration but also to collate some good resources.

I'm working with a startup who are looking for:

  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Help with setting up their e-commerce store (Bigcommerce)

The typical avenues so far of:

  • UpWork
  • Freelancer

Have both turned out to be quite hit or miss from my own experiences and what is seen as "brand design" or "logo design" appears to just be an exercise in who can use a logo generator or canva the best to spam listings until the customer succumbs into just picking whatever looks OK rather than something they actually like.

So a little call for help! Where do you usually go to for your own businesses and projects?

A design agency may break budgets at this stage but I can also appreciate the difference between doing something right and not.

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Antonio Sánchez

It depends… If I only need the developer for a few hours/days/weeks, I usually use Upwork/Freelancer. If I am going to need the developer for a long time, then I try to hire him directly. This is cheaper for me and more rentable for him (fewer fees).

The problem is finding developers outside Upwork/Freelancer. Job Boards are pretty expensive normally.

This week I launched this side-project: Now I am trying to get companies to post their jobs there. If you are interested, dm me.