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Paying Respect To Those Sites We Loved & Lost

Whilst posting my journey into development and architecture it brought me back to the mid 90s with my first exposure to the internet through AOL and such products.

Along the way I discovered some great websites that got me into the basics of HTML and ultimately sold my sould to JavaScript.

This morning I stumbled upon a website I was for sure convinced would be no longer with us:

"DHTML" was a common search term to be able to find cool scripts I could put on my profile and edit up websites on Geocities.

That said unfortunately it seems the latter is no longer with us, so please feel free to post some links I can run through the web archive and bring back the memories! - one of the biggest libraries of random scripts. If you wanted snow flakes or a mouse cursor to shake and spam alert messages it could be found here! - One of the earliest communities and free page hosting I can remember. Everyone had a page and became a hub for paid advertising and bios for people's pets - Website page builder and where I built my first unofficial fan page for a singer. Drag and drop (a little bit) page building outside of frontpage and Dreamweaver whilst being online was a little mind blowing!

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Anthony Fung

Wow - I'd forgotten about

No nostalgic tribute to websites past would be complete without a reference to MySpace and Bebo 😊