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Great post and really useful to see the background to testing. I feel like this is hidden away to the genteel public when reviewing other projects.

Out of interest does Lisk provide support with implementing Blockchain solutions? Im in contact with a business that is looking to utilise Blockchain but finding the right project that also offers some advice/support in the early stages has been tough. Lisk website seems to be very open on this point so thought I'd ask


Hey @imthedeveloper ! We’re currently in the process of developing our Sidechain Development Kit which will be used to build blockchain applications on top of Lisk. Alpha is coming very soon. In the meantime, I’ve passed on your info to my Business Development colleague Jacob who will be able to provide more information about enterprise solutions further down the line. You can email him on

Hope this helps! To keep up with latest Lisk news, check out our Twitter:

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