What's your thought about pseudoclassical OOP in JS?

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Hi, I'm a JavaScript beginner and I found pseudoclassical inheritance a bad tool for Javascript, because why going for something pseudo when you can go directly for PHP (for instance)?.

Have you tried to work with pseudoclassical OOP style? Did you worked with pure prototypal inheritance focus? What's your learning about?

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To this day I've never found a good reason to try an OOP approach with JavaScript.


So you never used an object literal?


Sorry for the late reply, I had somehow missed this.

Yes, I have used object literals in JavaScript. I have also coded in an OOP paradigm with php. As Avalander said, they're different things. An object literal is a list of name-value pairs. OOP is a programing paradigm based on objects.


Using objects doesn't make your code object-oriented programming any more than using functions makes it functional programming. At least not if we go back to Alan Kay's intent when he coined the term.

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