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Rodrigo Alves
Rodrigo Alves

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Soft Skills you should have as a Developer

As someone who was quite new into the IT industry just a couple of years ago I would like to share how to I walked and how I am still walking my walk.

Know your strenghts and weaknesses

To grow as person and as an essencial member of a team you need to know what and where you can really thrive and where you need to be humble and ask for others help.

Speak up

Your age or time in the industry doesn't say s#it about what you know.
If you've an idea that you think might be helpful and solve a situation just speak up.

Get help sooner than later

I'm not saying that you should ask for help as soon as a challenge appears... But. When you've a problem which has been a pain to deal for some hours and maximum of a couple of days(1/2) you should ask for indications to solve the problem.

Learn how to google

Senior. Mid. Junior. Everyone and everything uses Google. Google your way out of a challenge.
Use keywords to search within google.

Look at this example:
"how to generate a key in laravel" -> "generate key laravel"

Ask for indications

To be able to grow no one should solve the problem for you. You will learn so much more if you ask the questions to get indications and then solve the problem yourself.

Understand your motivations

Why you're doing what you're doing at whatever role you represent is really important for "success".
If something is not working out start with why (Simon Sinek TM) it isn't working out.


You'll always have times where you'll be a dummy.
Keep a positive and helpful attitude because rought times are part of the process.


The secret for success is in the confidence and the ability to adapt to a situation.

Always trust yourself

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