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Mastering React Challenge: Building a Timer App

Image descriptionIn this blog post, I'll guide you through building a robust timer application using React that meets specific requirements and integrates notifications for a seamless user experience. We'll cover essential features such as starting, pausing, resetting the timer, and ensuring accessibility for screen readers.

Challenge Overview

The challenge involves creating a timer app with the following key features:
Displaying 'Hours', 'Minutes', and 'Seconds' fields without visible labels but ensuring accessibility and screen reader compatibility.
Implementing placeholder text for input fields.
Transitioning to a running timer with plain text representation of hours, minutes, and seconds upon pressing 'Start', along with 'Pause' and 'Reset' functionalities.
Zero-padding numbers during countdown (e.g., displaying '01' instead of '1').
Displaying notifications or alerts upon timer completion based on app permissions.

Video Preview

To get a quick glimpse of the timer app in action and follow along with detailed implementation steps, watch my video tutorial here: Watch the Timer App Challenge Video

React Timer App Video is here

Key Learnings

Throughout the tutorial video and accompanying blog post, you'll learn:
How to structure a React component-based timer app.
Techniques for managing timer state and handling user interactions.
Integration of notifications for timer completion using browser APIs.
Strategies for handling app permissions and fallbacks for unsupported features.


Building a timer app is a great way to enhance your React skills and understand important concepts in modern web development. By following this tutorial and watching the video, you'll gain practical experience and insights into creating interactive and accessible React applications.
Ready to dive in? Watch the video above and let's build an awesome timer app together!

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