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🍗 LuncherBox is the restaurant order taking app from the future, requiring no extra hardware. Try it out here.


🔥 The project's main goal is to speed up the process of placing orders by clients in restaurants

💸 Other than the satisfied customers, the restaurant owners will save
money by lowering the required amount of waiters to a minimum.

👨‍🍳 The clients of the restaurant place orders through LuncherBox using their smart device such as phones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, etc.
Each order is sent as a request to the kitchen, where it can be seen directly by the chefs.

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🍗 Web app for managing and placing orders in a restaurant without waiting for waiters.

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🍗 Cheap to setup web application for making orders without having to wait for waiters.


Getting started!

You can read the wiki on how to set the project up.

Technology Stack

Frontend Backend Shared Miscellaneous
babel.js passport.js TypeScript Testing
next.js Jest node Caching
react.js TypeORM express.js MySQL / MariaDB
JSX ioredis socket.io Redis
CSS-in-JS routing-controllers HTTP
Webpack socket-controllers REST
VirtualDOM class-validator WebSockets
PWA Raspberry Pi
SPA Sessions
Ant Design Cookies
Git / Version Control
Continous Integration
Domain Name System
Linux / Shell scripts


Me and a friend of mine (Simo Aleksandrov / @fr3fou - we work as a team and we are known as Delirium Products)
had a meeting out in one of the local restaurants. We noticed that it was taking a long time for a waiter to come and take our order (about 20-30 mins). As a developer I wondered how could this process be optimized / sped up. It wasn't that long and I got the idea about LuncherBox. I shared it with Simo, we were excited and ready to begin working on DeliriumProducts/luncher-box.

Credits: @fr3fou (Helped with the overall development of LuncherBox)


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