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Found out about this place from my Google News feed. A few of the articles I read were a nice and fresh read so decided to join.

Went to college for video game design. While there learned programming to pick up slack in the team. With in a few weeks was helping the seniors with their projects. Continued to learn and it has almost been 10 years as a self taught programmer. Didn't get a job in video game company, but did as tech support and learned a lot, and doing programming currently as my job. I do hope to some day get in on a gaming project either as a designer or programmer.

Currently in my personal time exploring some different languages such as SmallTalk. Excited about .Net Core so I am taking some time to get familiar with linux desktops. Also very interested in automation and looking for a project to implement DevOps (hoping to do some at my current job).

Thanks for reading.

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