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Geeks - Bootstrap 5 Admin & Dashboard Template and UI Toolkit [Updated]

Help Center Design

Help Center Design - Geeks UI

We are continuing updating our Bootstrap based UI kit Geeks UI. We successfully got 350+ customers for our Geeks UI Kit. We got a request from the our customer for help center design. So we just plan this design and update it soon possible.
In the last month we design a Help Center pages in Figma.

Live Preview Help Center

Want to purchase Geeks UI

Well I can't say we were really planning on it but over the last few weeks we've been having a ton of fun dumping new and exciting features into Geeks UI and now feels like the right time to cut a release, so here it is.

Geeks Academy Admin Template

Here are the highlights:

  • Added - Landing Page Demo
  • Added - Task Page Design Kanban Board View
  • Added - DataTables (Bootstrap DataTables)
  • Added - Table Component Page - Bootstrap Table
  • Improved - Table structure.
  • Added New Snippets. (Hero, features, and testimonial)
  • Smooth shadow added in Docs.
  • Updated Dependencies.
  • Updated Bootstrap 5.0.1
  • All features are updated in RTL too.
  • New Components - Simple Header & Footer ...

Geeks Bootstrap 5 Template and admin dashboard Template

Geeks is a fully-featured bootstrap 5 template with an admin dashboard. It comes with Beautiful UI components & professionally designed, fully responsive pages for course design, landing page, and admin dashboard. You can preview Geeks Bootstrap 5 Template.


Geeks Bootstrap 5 RTL Template

Now Geeks UI, Support Bootstrap 5 RTL. We got a number of request for RTL version update in Geeks Bootstrap 5 Template, We work last month and get ready with Geeks RTL Updates.
Geeks UI - Bootstrap 5 RTL Template

Demo: Geeks RTL Template


Geeks Bootstrap UI Kit — Education Learning Management System with Admin Template.

  • Main Admin Dashboard
  • Instructor Dashboard
  • Student Dashboard
  • Landing Page Design [New - Updated]

Geeks is a fully responsive and yet modern premium bootstrap theme. Geeks UI design is suited for the academy and online courses marketplace with the admin dashboard.


Admin & Dashboard Template

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template built with bootstrap framework

We believe in continuous improvement and updates for our products. Geeks bootstrap theme updated v1.0.2. We have designed & developed beautiful UI components for the analytics dashboards.

Admin Dashboard Template


Geeks provide clean and consistent page designs to help you to create beautiful-looking content.

Geek is feature-rich components and beautifully designed pages that help you create the best possible website and web application projects.

Bootstrap Themes and Template build for developer and programmer

Courses Features

Courses: Build a beautiful online course website or application with these course pages.

  • Courses Category
  • Courses Filter (List/Grid)
  • Courses Single — Page
  • Courses Single V2
  • Courses Checkout
  • Add New Courses
  • Course Resume


Student Dashboard

Student Dashboard Design Geeks UI

The student profile dashboard will help to create pages like Bookmarked Courses, Currently learning and student path, Subscription, Billing Info, Invoice, delete the profile, notification management, account settings, etc…

Student Dashboard

Instructor Dashboard

Geeks - Bootstrap theme for education

The instructor or teacher profile dashboard will help you to design pages like earning reports, instructor courses, course reviews, manage student enrollments, payout settings, and more…

Instructor Dashboard


Admin Dashboard

Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

An engaging and effective bootstrap dashboard design will help you to manage overview reports of the site, analytics, instructor, and students, and the site setting feature will help you to manage your site.

Admin Dashboard

Account Settings:

Manage your settings pages like Profile edit, Security, Social profiles, Notification, Profile Privacy, Delete Profile, Billing, Orders.
CMS Dashboard:

In the admin dashboard, you will get to create a post form, post-management, and post category and create a category from the modal panels. A complete content management system.
Supporting pages:

Your ready-to-use page solutions for all kinds of content layouts, such as Sign in/Signup, Forgot Password, Error pages, Pricing page.

Lead Sign up Page

landing page design templates with sign up form like tailwind

Landing Page Design [New]

Geeks Bootstrap UI kit - Effective Landing Page Design Examples

In the Geeks Bootstrap UI kit, We design a landing page as a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing website or advertising campaign for courses.

It will help you to design with great sections like author profile, creative testimonial, FAQ collapse plus design, Courses details with popup description and call to action, etc...

Admin Dashboard Template

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