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Best Mobile App Development Frameworks

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Numerous frameworks have thronged the mobile applications industry alongside a plethora of development strategies.


Iconic is a robust framework that most mobile app developers have used from time to time. The fact that it comes for free is an added advantage.


Google had introduced Flutter, which is an open-source development platform for quality mobile apps. Composed in Dart Language, Flutter is another cross-platform for developing mobile apps.

Adobe PhoneGap

The PhoneGap enables you to view every minute change or alterations caused to your app development process.


Xamarin is a mobile app development framework that operates from San Francisco and is a Microsoft creation.

React Native

Facebook has come up with React Native, which is one of the most sought after cross-platform frameworks for developers.

Corona SDK

Many app development frameworks have flooded the market. Out of so many frameworks, Corona SDK seems to be much faster.

Native Scripts

Progress developed the Native Scripts framework and supported by a Bulgarian software provider called Telerik.

Mobile Angular UI

The Mobile Angular UI contributes primarily towards Angular and Bootstrap framework.

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