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Need to Make a High-Quality Product Prototype?

Industrial designers today have higher expectations than ever, and companies are under pressure to turn a profit. The prototypes used for new product sales presentations need to be flawless; that is where custom dry transfers come in. They are a high-quality process for museum labels and other visually demanding applications. There is no better method if you need logos or lettering on a plastic, wood, or metal prototype. You design the decals yourself and have them made at a production house. You can often transmit your files electronically and have back finished decals in one or two business days.

When you use rub-on decals, they mimic the appearance of stenciled or painted-on product detailing. It matches the looks of manufactured products and requires no glue or water during the application process. It's a refreshing improvement over other methods, and people who try custom decals once generally keep them as a go-to for future projects. When you face deadline pressure, knowing you have a foolproof solution for logos and lettering makes a difference. Also, the appearance is high quality, and you'll have a permanent solution if your prototype is used extensively โ€“ the decals will hold tightly.

Nearly all products have brand-identity needs; you can meet them with custom dry transfers. Order them in any color, and because you design them yourself, you can keep them aligned with your company's visual needs. If significant dollar sales volume is riding on your prototypes, you can have confidence in custom decals. Their appearance is impeccable, and they are easy to apply in the precise spots needs. The transparent transfer slick makes it easy, and you can nearly effortlessly align each decal with the perfect spot. Then, you rub them on in one step and have a finished prototype ready.

If you are working on a delicate surface like unfinished wood, the decals going on dry helps avoid damage. If you plan to try several alternatives before deciding on a final look, you can remove dry transfers without damage to the surface where you've applied them. You can reapply a new set in the same spot easily, and because nothing needs to dry, it's ready to go the instant you finish. When you see the results you can economically achieve with dry transfer decals, you'll know they suit your prototype projects. It's no wonder they have been the choice of wise industrial designers for years.

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