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One year of working from home with kid and wife

What I do to enjoy my life when working from home. Tips are tightly coupled to each other:

  • Work six hours per four days a week or less
  • Invest more time and energy in family
  • Take a day off if I want or need it
  • Talk to people I like. Simply say "thanks for X"
  • Make two hour break in case of distractions. Preferably go outside.
  • Start workday after siesta if the morning is messy
  • Get a job which requires a progress and results instead of time tracking and Slack presence 9-to-5
  • Document progress in areas of life
  • Reward myself for accomplishments
  • Do more, consume (read, watch, listen) less
  • Sometimes work ten to twelve hours per day
  • Do something for fun and learning
  • Exercise yoga each morning. Preferably without interruptions (wake up one hour earlier than son and wife)
  • Exercise through the day
  • Do breaks each half of hour (pomodoro)

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