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DAZN platform down on sunday

ilvalerione profile image Valerio Originally published at ・1 min read

Last Sunday, DAZN (one of the most known streaming platforms in Europe) crashed and subscribers were unable to regularly watch the portal’s flagship product: FOOTBALL.

The result was an apology post published on the DAZN facebook page (you can see it below) in which a supplier was blamed, and customers left with no alternatives, so they have bombarded the company with refund requests.

Alt Text

The post says:

We are very sorry about what is happening today on the DAZN platform. The problem is caused by the failure of the authentication service provided by one of our external partners which was not able to quickly resolve by applying the necessary backup procedures, despite having received timely information and immediate collaboration from DAZN.


I also did not appreciate the communication from DAZN which caused thousands of comments by their customers asking for refunds. How to say … Are you putting your hands on? Ok, I ask you for a refund!

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