The Best Way to Achieve Your Life Goals

Ilona Dee Codes on September 06, 2019

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Many times in my life I've done exactly what you said in the intro: got something working "just a bit", but then given up on it before it really turned into something bigger.

For the things that have really worked out in my life, the only constant I see is that I just stuck with it, to "grind it out"; just put in the hours... and hours... and eventually - things start working! ✨ like magic ✨

So this post is great. The more you can figure out exactly WHAT your goals are (and align yourself to them internally) - I think the more willing you'll be to do the actual work, and grind it out until things start working.

Thanks for the motivation! 😀


That s exactly what we need to keep looking for!! That feel of "magic". That s what pushes me every time trough my obstacles! ✨


Right on time. I think my struggle lies in not being specific on what goals I want to reach, and being taught to either finish projects under pressure or to finish them perfectly.

I usually have access to courses and materials about things I want to learn, but most of the times I finish 50 or 60% of them and switch to another thing. I think this because in uni, we studied different subjects at the same time, and we never focused on one thing to pursue and give it all the attention even in the senior year, so this affected me to at least know one thing about everything.

One thing also that could hold anyone back is to try to be perfect in everything possible. This haunted me in coding by trying to make the code as perfect as possible by optimizing it and adding comments 😂 instead of accounting for speed of finishing the project.

However, after graduation, I've been more active, and specific about my goals but it seems to me, I'm only active cause I might not have time to develop myself if I've been drafted in the military service to serve for three years 😂.

The post is great and helpful, because it seems to me that I have an issue with aligning my habits with goals before writing them down first 😃. Thank you for the motivation. I really need it.

One question: Do you keep them in a place where you can see them everyday?

P.S.: It is obligatory for men in Egypt who finished college to send their papers to the military service, and wait to see if they would be drafted or not.


I have managed to accomplish eighty percent of them.

This is a big part. Realizing that nobody can achieve 100% of their goals is key. Every single person has things they missed out on or were unable to work out. Be content with what you do have, how far you have come from step 1, and be grateful you have the gift of time to whittle down XYZ in your remaining life/career.

Some steps will be big. Some will be small. Some will be backwards. Get knocked down 7 times, get up 8, and things will be fine for you.


Comparing to where I was and how I lived three years ago, today there is huge progress towards the goals that I wrote down at that time 😌


How frequently do you write down your goals?


The right question:
How often do I review and update them? - At least once a week 😅


I asked it like this with a specific purpose. I wanted to see whether your article was inspired by this one.


Personal life OKR.
It works.


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Thanks for this great article. I've been struggling with this a lot myself, and it's nice to get a fresh view about this.


thanks for the recommended thoughts !

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