Letter to Myself Ten Years Ago

Ilona Codes on January 25, 2019

Inspired by the viral 10-year challenge on social media, when people show the world what they looked like 10 years ago, I decided not to share my p... [Read Full]
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Dear past me,

Stop playing computer games and start doing something productive!

Future me


Dear past me,
Play more computer games. You'll be fine


My mind is telling me no... but my body.... MY BOOOODY IS TELLING ME YE-YEAAAH!


Oh, yeah 😅I feel you. I also played lots of computer games in the past 🤦‍♀️


It is a great post and a good topic. I believe this what you wrote is the only true comparison individual should go through.
You should not compare your self with other people or their achievements, but you should definitely compare you and ’yesterday you’. This method is the only one which brings you true numbers, real achievements and of course feedback on you.


You are so right! Today we should be a better version of ourselves than yesterday 🙂


Great post, I love this! I recently posted about some of my fears and insecurities and how I needed to over come them. I really like that you just laid it out simply on how to improve. Thanks for sharing!


You're welcome! I will check out your post 🙂


Very well put Ilona, and quite similar to the philosophy I ask my children to think about:

  • know yourself (you are an individual / loneliness is priceless) - it's who you are, not what you do / who you know.
  • support yourself (read! take care of yourself / avoid toxic people) - take the confidence in who you are and make a life for yourself.
  • support others - relationships matter (they build worlds), everyone is your equal (golden rule), everyone has something to learn (your own children perhaps?) . Also for the brave: go back to toxic people, they need you too!

Thank you 🙂Excellent points to think about 👍I wish my parents did the same when I was a child.


Hi younger me,

2009 will be hard and at some point you might not know, how to go on, but you will make it.

You will marry the love of your life, but PLEASE ... when you have that Ring, wait for the right moment before you propose. I know you cannot wait any longer, but there is no need to rush this. She‘ll say yes anyway, but that will not be last you hear about it. 😳🥺

Otherwise, even when it does not seem like it sometimes, it will work out at the end.


Thinking back, I would say:

Be gentle. You can be kind, caring, and helpful, but still not gentle, and people will come to you and like you, but still be afraid of you, which is hard on them. Be gentle, too.

Drop out of grad school sooner rather than later. If you don't have a clear path straight to the PhD in the next two to three years and an advisor who's getting people through that hurdle in a timely, orderly manner, the opportunity cost is too high.

Some people are okay living alone. I am not one of them. Some people are okay working in intellectual isolation. I am also not one of them.


Thank you for your words! Great thoughts! 👍


I would tell myself:
It's totally okay to not know what you want to do as an "adult" yet. The people who tell you to hurry are wrong, you're crazy intelligent and in time you'll find yourself and be successful.


It takes courage to write a letter like this and it definitely shows some mental maturity. Keep up the good work and be awesome! ;)


Hi,your arlicle is inspiring. if i may ask, going forward in terms of developement,Which language are you proficient in or framework?
Thank you.


Thank you! 🙈JavaScript + ReactJS library


"Because there was nothing to be proud of. Just an overweight teenager from a small town in Ukraine, with a fixed mindset and no goals in life."

And just like that, you got my follow!

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