Get Hacking! - Hacktoberfest 2019 is here!

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It's October! And that means it is time for Hacktoberfest!

Now is the perfect time to contribute to open source projects on github.

To get started, sign up for hacktoberfest using your github account here.

Once you are signed up, you can look for projects to contribute to on the hacktoberfest homepage. You can filter by language to see specific issues. Once you start creating pull requests, they will be tracked on your profile page on the hacktoberfest site! Complete 4 pull requests and win a prize!

Here are some projects you can contribute to if you rather search on github or Dev:



There are also a ton of events to attend around the world. Check out the events page to see if there are any near you!

Once you complete your four pull requests, make sure to celebrate and post about your success on the hacktoberfest completion thread!

Additional resources:

Some nice guides on how to make your first Hacktoberfest contribution:
How to start contributing to Open Source

How to Start Contributing to Open Source at #Hacktoberfest With a Github Pull Request #OneDevMinute

Official DEV Hacktoberfest post

An unofficial hacktoberfest swag list

A good twitter thread for contribution ideas

Have a project you want completed? Contact Raise!

We are a group of software developers guided by two senior coaches who are happy to help make your project a reality!


Hactoberfest 2019 site

Need to hire some awesome devs? Check out Resilient Coders! The bootcamp I graduated from! :)

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