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Career Page build with ILLA

ILLA is a low-code platform that lets developers build internal tools in minutes and spend less time on website design and integrations.

ILLA is like Figma for the developers. You can Drag and place to build functions with our built-in Components. ILLA is perfectly suitable for automation and data management. Integrating with third-party APIs allows you to implement more functions for your tool. Many friends online still asked us what job I could do with ILLA. To answer that question our team came up with a lot of ideas. We are making them into different showcases.

Here is one of the showcases of using ILLA to build a career page


ILLA supports third-party APIs so that you can link your internal tools with databases and other websites. This gives you more freedom to build internal tools and implement more functions. For the Career Page, we can integrate with Linkedin and other job-posing websites. You can post it once on your career page, and automatically post the information to other platforms.


You can build your customized career page without limitations and in a remarkably short time. ILLA has a well-designed pre-built-in UI components library ready for the engineer to use so that engineers can set up a specific tool by only dragging and placing the components. Programmers can also alternate some code to customize the tool.

Here is a big picture of the career page. ILLA can do more than this!

About ILLA:

ILLA’s team members are open-source enthusiasts, and so is their strategy to pivot with Open Source communities, projects, and contributors. Since ILLA believes open source is a great way to pass knowledge to the next generation, all open-source projects are welcome to collaborate with ILLA. ILLA supports many other open-source projects, such as PingCAP and MindsDB, in their “Action” features. APIs support is another critical feature of ILLA. Integrating third-party APIs smoothly into ILLA’s “component” can improve the user experience significantly.

You can check ILLA’s website here at

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