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10,000 Stars! This open-source low-code tool is wildly popular.

Open-source tools are common, but it's rare to see one with 10,000 stars. I'm sharing a product that has seen a crazy growth of 10,000 stars overseas. There are many low-code tools, but few are truly useful. This tool is primarily used by developers in North America, and their Discord community is very active.

The community indeed has some good reviews.


What ILLA Cloud Can Do


Official Website:

The main users of ILLA Cloud are backend engineers, which might be different from what most people think. A large number of backend engineers have used ILLA Cloud to build numerous data panels and management backends. After all, web development has always been a headache for backend engineers. The tools built with ILLA Cloud are indeed quite aesthetically pleasing and fast.


ILLA also supports collaboration, allowing multiple people to edit a project together. Backend engineers no longer need to worry about building various internal backends. We all know the pain and tears of relying on front-end engineers.

The official website also has some solutions, which currently seem to focus mainly on management backends, data panels, etc.

  • AI text-to-image panel
  • AI voice processing panel
  • Data analysis panel
  • Content management CMS
  • Custom CRM
  • Management backend


They also support building workflows, and it seems they have done a lot of work in the low-code field, looking like a well-rounded product. It basically meets various common cases.

For instance:

  • Sending a message to Slack when a new user registers
  • Daily reporting of the number of stars on GitHub
  • Daily booking of meeting rooms

Engineers use ILLA Flow to automatically execute many tasks, such as:

  • Reading business data from a database daily and sending it to Slack
  • Building CI/CD reporting systems
  • Sending emails when certain warnings occur


User Experience

I briefly experienced it, and they have really put a lot of effort into the editor's smoothness and overall experience. The overall editing experience is quite good. It includes smooth drag-and-drop capabilities and also supports collaboration.


Various database integration capabilities are also supported, allowing quick data reading and writing from various data sources and databases. For backend engineers, integrating various services is indeed a nightmare. In this case, ILLA has already done the work. They also support integration with Huggingface, which seems like an official collaboration. It allows for quick use of the model capabilities on Huggingface, which is indeed interesting. You can quickly create some AI-driven tools.



There are many low-code tools, but few can be practically used and implemented. ILLA seems to have been maintained for two years now, and their company is currently fully committed to this one thing. Unlike some low-code tools produced for certain purposes, they are directly addressing the needs of developers. Everyone can try it out!"

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