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100% Off On The Kubernetes Certifications - CKAD, CKA & CKS

Free Kubernetes Certifications!!!

Combined, the Kubernetes certifications will cost you about $1400. What if I told you that you can take the exams for free? 100%! (and no, it's not Black Friday)

I'll show you 3 ways ๐Ÿงต

1. Linux Foundation Scholarship

I found out in 2021 after bagging the Cloud Captain Scholarship, that scholarship recipients get access to both a training course and a certification.

The LiFT Scholarship, also called The Shubhra Kar Scholarship has awarded over 2,100 scholarships for millions of dollars worth of specialized, technical training to those who may not have the ability to afford this opportunity otherwise.

Getting the scholarship means getting one of the Kubernetes certifications for free.


2. The CNCF Ambassador Program

I decided to join the Ambassador program this year, helping the CNCF on its mission to make Cloud Native ubiquitous.

One of the numerous benefits of becoming an Ambassador is the waived cost of certification and training.

This is huge, get on it!

CNCF Ambassador Program

3. Convince your boss

The Linux Foundation has a nifty tool that generates a letter and a quote that you can use to convince your manager.

Check it out here


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Alok Kumar

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