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Discussion on: How did you land your first job as a junior?

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Jorge González

I was still at High School, but had been coding for almost 4 years (at the time) in Open Source projects, and was looking to apply for a Remote Game Developer position at a specific company.

I sent an improvised CV, listing my Open Source projects related to the main goal of the business.

Luckily, the lead developer of the company knew my work and followed the development of one of my projects during its initial release. They replied to my email in the following 2 hours, looking to have a call with the Manager and the Lead developer next day in the morning.

That same day in the afternoon after our first call, I was being introduced to the whole team.

I can’t still thank enough my 13 y’old self for starting in the Open Source community before anywhere else.

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Carlos Roso Author

Wow you started doing open source at 13? what a beast! :D This is yet a great real-life example of how open source can open a lot of unexpected doors, even more when you have no professional experience. Thanks for sharing, Jorge!