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How to Escape Tutorial Hell

Tutorial hell refers to a state of being stuck in a cycle of constantly consuming programming tutorials without being able to apply the knowledge in the real world and build real apps. This can be frustrating for beginner developers who feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to take the next step in their learning journey. The repetitive nature of consuming tutorials can hinder one's ability to develop problem-solving skills, which are crucial for building practical applications.

To escape tutorial hell, beginner developers should focus on building their projects. By taking these steps, developers can gain the experience and confidence they need to become proficient programmers who can tackle real-world problems.

Add Features to Tutorial Projects: You have followed a tutorial to the end and probably built a project in one of these tutorials. If there are no projects built into the tutorials you have been following then you have been following the wrong tutorial and your journey will be long(pun). Now fold your sleeves and add new features to this project. Attempting to add a feature to a such project will force you to develop a deeper understanding of the project and sharpen your problem-solving skill as a developer. Always remember that Google is your friend.

Focus on building projects: The next stage for you is to try to build something from scratch all by yourself. In my experience the challenge here is in "thinking big"- I mean thinking of the project as a whole. Stop. Break it down. Begin with building the authentication pages for registration, and log in - once that is working - you build the first or main authenticated page or dashboard. From there another feature. One feature at a time.
After the course I took in HTML, CSS and SCSS nearly three years ago, I first rebuilt landing page of Binance before jumping onto the next course.

Start small: Don't try to build complex projects right away. Start with small projects that are achievable and build up your skills gradually. After little less than a year of working full time as a developer and continuously learning, I am currently building my first SaaS, attempt to build a SaaS as my first project after my first training would have failed for good.

Practice consistently: It's important to practice consistently, even if it's just for a short period each day. This will help you to build momentum and make progress over time. Even if you aren't building a full project, improve an existing one or build web components like mobile responsive navigation, beautiful popup modal, elegant slider, etc. A full web application is a collection of tiny components like this. Practicing with them individually will improve your skill and understanding of how parts of the whole project work.

Join a community: Join a community of like-minded developers who can offer support and guidance. This can be a great way to get feedback on your projects and stay motivated. Ask questions and get answers from people more experienced.

Google and Docs are Your Friends: As you begin to do things by yourself, I want you to understand that "how to" implement a feature doesn't have to fall out of your head because you have taken a course. Feel free to google stuff up and consult the documentation. Consult the "damn" documentation.

Take breaks: Don't get burnt out by studying and coding for long hours. Take regular breaks and do something unrelated to coding.

Remember, the key to escaping tutorial hell is to apply what you've learned and keep practicing. The next thing to do now is to apply what you have learned in this short article right away - don't jump onto the next article - that it's self is tutorial hell. Apply what you have just learned. With time and dedication, you can become a proficient developer who can build amazing things.

Thank you for reading. Don't forget to drop a comment and share.

I am Vincent Ikechukwu, Full Stack Web Developer and Software Engineer. Connect with me on social media via links below.

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Zeeshan 🎖

Short answer: Just do projects 😫
Nice explanation though

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Ikechukwu Vincent


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Nathálya Ricci

Great article, Vincent! Gotta take these advices 😁

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Ikechukwu Vincent

You are welcome. Pleasure is all mine