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Kausik Das
Kausik Das

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JavaScript side-effects

Programming was always fun and exciting for me most of the time until I started using JavaScript, man it hurts my mind sometimes, it was so fast-paced that feels like I didn't learn enough yet about it.

In the JS world, they give you an overwhelming amount of options to do the same task that certainly you get confused about what to use.

Can't say the same for Python or Go

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Andrew Baisden

The tech community moves really fast so yes you have to work really hard to stay up to date with it all.

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I think careful evaluations of tech every year or two, and switching occasionally is okay. I don't think short attention span js frameworks and libraries are that much more valuable from month to month. Maybe a new good idea emerges from all the churn every year or so.

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Kausik Das Author

that's right, i don't have an issue on that, but JS ecosystem is overwhelming.