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All-In-Africa: (Hackathon)

I recently took part in a hackathon. How did I get into it? Well, I saw an ad on Twitter about All-In-Africa, so I signed up and got accepted.

Now, what's a Hackathon, you might wonder? It's like a big brainstorming session. People come together to solve problems with technology. And guess what? It's not for computer experts – anyone with ideas and enthusiasm can join.

But before I share my Hackathon experience, let's talk about why joining one is beneficial.

Here's why you should consider giving it a shot:

  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Hackathons are all about teamwork. You'll work with people from different backgrounds and skills. Together, you'll tackle challenges, bounce ideas off each other, and create something amazing.

  • Learning by Doing: Ever wanted to try out a new programming language or tool? Hackathons are the perfect place to learn. You'll dive into hands-on projects, experiment with new tech, and pick up skills along the way.

  • Networking Opportunities: Big companies often sponsor Hackathons to find fresh talent. By joining, you'll get to meet pros and maybe find a job. Who knows? You might even land a job or get funding for your project.

  • Personal Growth: Hackathons are like mini adventures. You'll feel the thrill of building something from scratch and then, show it to the public. Even if your project doesn't win, the journey itself is rewarding and helps you grow as a person.

Details of My Participation in one this last weekend 27/28-04-2024

As mentioned earlier, I enrolled in a program. It collaborates with the MLH Hackathon Program. MLH is a well-known open-source educational initiative. The "All in Africa" program is partnered with MLH to teach its students about open-source.
Joining the All-in-Africa program turned out to be a great decision for me. Although I received the email around 5 PM, I didn't see it until 11 PM. I joined their Slack channel and read many messages. I found a post by Ruth Ikegah. One of the organizers. She invited participants to an MLH-organized hackathon.

I registered and was directed to the Discord channel. At first, I felt overwhelmed by the process. I had to form a team and brainstorm ideas. It was all quite stressful. The hackathon's aim was clear. It was to develop a project on one of the sustainability goals.

Our team set out to create a project with a tangible impact.

The experience was inspiring as we collaborated, innovated, and built something meaningful. Our goal was to leverage open-source technology to tackle food-related challenges. Instead of letting food go to waste, we aimed to make an application. It will let people donate food to those in need. This will solve both food waste and hunger.

Our project

HelperBirdy Application

it is still a work in progress

Wrapping up

Engaging with open source is exciting; you get to connect with incredible talents. While it might feel overwhelming, with time, you become accustomed to it.

That wraps up for me, but I'll keep updating as I progress through the program.

Now it's your turn! Tell me about your own hackathon experiences. Did you find them exciting or overwhelming? Share your thoughts and stories in the comment section below!

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Thanks for taking the time to read! 💖

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Mkpandiok, Idorenyin Monday

This is amazing, thank you for sharing

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Aseru Kevin Ziyada

Thanks for sharing 🙏