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Ihsan Ahmad
Ihsan Ahmad

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First time open source contribution with hacktoberfest2023


I am undergrad student from dhaka. For course works I have experienced different technologies and made small projects and I was not happy as none of my projects have any real life production value. I came out to know about hacktoberfest back in 2021 and it was overwhelming for me so far. This year I decided to do something different and push myself to this and I have made 8 successful merged contributions. few of them are already live projects. I am feeling good and looking forward to development and opensource contribution.
this is my github profile link: ISHAN-NAHID

Highs and Lows

As i said before it was overwhelming for me before. I had issues with GIT, i had few mistakes during made PR's but maintainers were so cool about that. They find out my errors and made me understand how to do things.


I always loved technologies but somehow I always afraid of web development for few reasons. And I never did use GIT on regular basis. Throughout hacktoberfest I think I overcome my fear about web development. now I know the project cycle and now I am used to with git. this is now 22 days streak.

List of my accepted contributions

  1. Real Time Currency Converter : I have made it with third-party API. I have never used API in projects before. So, this was new here.
  2. Content and fixed bug : I have added content for their website. Contents were on comitative programming. and they need to some changes in their web pages. I have resolved those.
  3. Resourceful contents with changes in code : They needed more contents. so I have added them and added few fields in code for new resources.
  4. Precision Handler for calculator : They needed handle precision points according to user choice. They were unable to do that. so I have changes their code.
  5. Solution for OJ problems : They needed solutions for problems of different online judges. As I did comitative programming for three years. It was my cup of tee. I jumped in and solved excellent problems and added solutions as they needed.
  6. Guess the number : This is a fun game based on binary search algorithm understanding. User need to guess the number using some command. This was fun one.
  7. Hand-written-digit-recognizer : As a fourth year student I am doing ML. I have made it for their need but at the same time I have learnt many topics.
  8. Bug Fixed for NSCC-BPIT-Website This is a real live project. I have seen some bug in their website. and informed them, they assigned it to me and I have solved their issues.

I know none of these are huge impactful PR's. But I enjoyed the journey.
Best wishes to everyone, specially for those who are new to this type of open source contribution program.
Specially thanks to @hacktoberfest community and community for this amazing opportunity.

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